Chanel Abraham

Chanel Abraham (at right) with sister

Chanel Abraham (at right) with sister

Chanel is a freshman student at JS Clark Leadership Academy. She is currently enrolled in five Village Virtual courses, which she completes from home. Chanel has a passion for science, and told us she is happiest studying the subject “whether it be biology or chemistry, or any branch of science.”

Juggling five online courses could be overwhelming, but Chanel has a particularly clever method for making sure each course gets the attention it needs: “Start at what you’re best at. For me, it’s science and English. So do those assignments [first]; then work your way down the line of your other classes.” 

This method is probably why her civics teacher Patty Benson noted that “Chanel works consistently and has worked to stay on pace throughout her course.”

When asked what advice she has for other online students, Chanel offered, “Don’t stress about every little thing; take it easy and just go with the flow.”

Heather BoydComment