Complete Solution

Village Virtual’s founding mission of increasing online learning opportunities for K-12 students remains evident in its core plug-n-play service to schools and homeschool families who want to connect to a robust catalog of courses that are facilitated by certified teachers and supported by student support specialists.  With a more than 90% successful completion rate, Village Virtual’s online learning service includes access to more than 250 courses for full-time or supplemental K-12 online learners.

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Complete Solution for Schools   

Schools can easily connect to our complete plug-n-play solution for immediate access to more than 250 courses facilitated by certified online teachers ready to support learners in new learning or credit recovery. 

Lab-based or Independent Learning Models

Village Virtual supports online learners who are studying independently as well as school-based programs that include a trained lab facilitator.  Schools might offer foreign language, for example, in a lab setting during the school day with a para-pro or other school-based personnel providing a structured environment for learning in the brick-and-mortar setting.  Other programs rely more heavily on the virtual support of online teachers and student support specialists.  Either way, we guarantee that your learners receive regular communication and feedback and have the ability to reach out to support specialists and online teachers whenever additional help is needed. 

What can schools expect from the Village Virtual experience?

School Approval

If your school is the entity issuing credit for the course, your counselor will be contacted prior to the student's being enrolled in any course. Virtual works as an extension of your service to learners, and your policies and procedures are observed and communicated to learners throughout their experience in Village Virtual courses.


  • Course confirmation and login credentials sent immediately to students, parents, and schools

  • Weekly progress reports with individualized feedback for each student provided on the first and fifteenth of each month and copied to the school contact
  • As-needed updates from Student Support Specialists to keep students on track for successful completion
  • Documentation of communication with students and parents provided in the Communication Log, to which counselors may also add important updates and information
  • Ability to securely upload and share Individual Education Plans, 504 Plans and other special education documentation that is utilized for course modification and student support
  • Timely final grade reporting to students, parents, and schools

Student Support

  • Welcome to class phone calls from online teacher facilitators
  • Video orientation and student resources embedded in every course
  • Support specialists available for immediate technical assistance
  • One-to-one feedback and communication for content assistance with multiple access points, including texting, emailing, phone, and virtual meetings


  • Access to both the Village Virtual student information system and learning management system provided for all identified school-based contacts.  This allows counselors and other support personnel to track and support student experiences in online courses in real time. Training in the use of these tools is provided free of charge.

  • Enrollment assistance. School or district-based personnel may choose to enroll students and request courses or parents and students may request courses directly from the website (see Request Course). If schools elect to enroll their students directly into the student information system, free training is provided.

Flexible Scheduling

  • Village Virtual utilizes a rolling enrollment model, accepting a single enrollment or group of enrollments throughout the year for the various semesters.

  • Schools may elect traditional scheduling (18 weeks per half credit) or block scheduling (9 weeks per half credit).
  • Summer program provides multiple enrollment options for six-week completion of half-credit or full-credit recovery options or eight-week duration for full-credit new learning summer courses.  Schools may also elect a four-week option for lab-facilitated summer programs housed at the schools, if desired.

Course Customization

  • Village Virtual works directly with curriculum experts in individual schools and districts to make certain courses meet identified standards and learning goals for each student or group of students. 

  • Curriculum modifications stipulated by a student's IEP can be made to course pathways in collaboration with a school's Exceptional Education Department when requested.

  • Village Virtual can augment existing courses and in some cases create new courses to meet district or individual student needs 

Complete Solution for Homeschool Families

The Village Virtual plug-n-play solution is ideal for homeschool families who want robust, engaging curriculum that also includes access to a certified teacher facilitator and technical support.  Homeschool families have the flexibility they desire with the assurance that their learners are not falling behind their peers and are being prepared for higher and higher levels of learning and the challenges of college and career.  

What can homeschool families expect from the Village Virtual experience?


  • Course confirmation and login credentials sent immediately to students and parents

  • Welcome to class phone call from online teacher
  • Weekly progress reports 
  • Helpful tips and reminders sent throughout the course
  • Timely final grade reporting 
  • Attendance reports if needed for umbrella organization

Personal Support

  • Student orientation video and other helpful resources embedded in every course

  • Support specialists available for immediate technical assistance
  • One-to-one feedback and communication with online teacher for content assistance with multiple access points, including texting, emailing, phone, and virtual meetings

Course Flexibility and Engagement

  • Robust direct instruction that meets or exceeds state and national content standards

  • Easy navigation to courses and within courses
  • Activities and lessons quizzes that can be revisited as many times as needed for mastery
  • Engaging and interactive multi-media content that attracts and holds learner attention