About Village Virtual


Village Virtual is a company built by an educator who is passionate about online learning.

With more than twelve years' experience in creating and managing virtual school programs, founder Debi Crabtree (a former middle school, high school, and college teacher) understands the needs, the complexities, and the opportunities represented by great online learning programs.

Debi and her staff are available to their partners, parents, and students in a way that is unique to virtual school programs. Our phones will not route you to a menu. Our support email does not just create a trouble ticket. We will help you serve a single student in a single course or launch a program that serves hundreds of students in your district, and we will be accessible to all stakeholders all along the way.

Contact us today to explore our new Digital You™ services and launch your own program with confidence and continuity.  Our proven model has helped 50+ affiliations achieve more than 90 percent successful completion rates with their learners across all subjects and all levels of ability.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to increase opportunities for students to connect to a broad range of online content that supports academic and social-emotional outcomes, provides a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, and increases schools' ability to incubate individual talent and prepare students for the next steps toward college and career.

Job Opportunities

Village Virtual is committed to providing a work environment that supports the growth and well-being of all its staff. Business, like schools, have an obligation to incubate talent and provide safe environments for individuals to fully contribute to the success of the company by utilizing their unique talents and gifts regardless of ethnicity, LGBT status, disabilities or gender.

If you are an educator who is passionate about student success, please consider working with us. Begin by completing the application available on this page.