Flexible options for first time courses and credit recovery

Anytime, any place learning for all grade levels K-12

2019 Summer Sessions

June 3rd to July 14th

June 10th to July 21st

June 17th to July 28th

Full-credit new learning summer session: June 3rd to July 28th

Course Pricing

Half-Credit - High School: $275

Full-Credit - High School New Learning: $525

Full-Credit - High School Recovery: $400

Middle School Recovery: $275


Thank you and thank you for your office and teachers who truly reached out, modified, cheered and chided as needed to help our son move forward toward graduation.  He has such gifts to develop but needed support like yours.  As his mother, I am deeply grateful.  


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Online learning has helped to give me more flexibility with my school schedule by allowing me to fulfill some of the required classes at school so I can take elective classes that I found to be more fun. Online learning is a good alternative especially in order to gain extra flexibility in a school schedule.