We Think Differently
About Online Learning.

Village Virtual has been providing cutting edge online learning solutions for more than six years. We continue to partner with school systems to stand up full-time and supplemental virtual school programs and offer our full range of teacher-facilitated courses to homeschooled students in core, elective, career technical, and foreign language content.  In 2018 we're adding new services to help districts create a "DigitalYOU," sharing our extensive knowledge and expertise with educators who are ready to create a best version of themselves that frees learning from the constraints of time and place. Whether you're a student looking to complete a class, a school looking to expand your offerings, or a new online learning program looking to avoid common pitfalls, we can help.

We believe that
future-ready students:

  1. Have voice and choice in when, what, and how they learn.

  2. Explore their talents and gifts as part of their K-12 school experience

  3. Graduate with digital & personal skill sets that allow them to thrive in our highly-competitive digital world

Schools with a focus on the future, do not ask "How intelligent is the student?"  but rather "How is the student intelligent?"  Opportunities for students to explore careers, develop digital competencies (including coding and keyboarding), practice time management, and take ownership of their learning are goals best addressed through great online learning initiatives.


Complete Solution

Great option for homeschoolers and district programs with limited expertise & funding.


Consulting & Program Development

Develop your digital identity with a partner of more than 12 years’ experience in online learning implementations


How can we help?

Are you a homeschool program in need of additional classes and resources?

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