Help for Homeschooling

Homeschool families face three primary challenges:

All three of these are critical to preparing homeschoolers for the challenges of college and career, especially in the upper grades. 

Village Virtual can help!

Village Virtual provides rigorous and engaging online courses that can be customized for the needs of individual learners, with the readily available resource of a certified course facilitator and weekly communications with learners and their parents about the progress of each student.

Parents, too, can monitor all student work in the courses and participate in the education of their children to as great an extent as their own schedules allow.

Within the Village Virtual support model, students and parents receive:

  • 24/7 access to state-of-the-art online courses
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Access to Student Support Specialists during business hours Monday through Friday
  • Access to course facilitators who are certified in the content areas for which they provide support

Students love Village Virtual courses because they can:

  • Approach college entrance exams with confidence
  • Revisit and re-do lessons and quizzes
  • Work at their own pace but within a structure that teaches the habits of good time management
  • Receive just-in-time support via texting, phone, email, or virtual meeting
  • Call or text a support specialist for technical and course assistance 



Students may register and pay for courses at our website. Parents may also call to register and/or pay by phone. For more information:


Phone: 423.521.2796


Online Learning . . .
Flexibility for Busy Lives

"It was the best decision we made. Online learning has allowed my son to improve his weaknesses and master his strengths working at his own pace. He has been able to take music lessons and participate in extra curricular activities as well. He gets together with his friends on weekends so he hasn’t lost the social aspect of school.  He has been able to flourish as a person and excel as a student without the anxieties or failures created by traditional school. The work is challenging at times but also rewarding. We love the way the work is presented and explained."

– Maria, Middle School Parent 

"If it hadn’t been for Village Virtual, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get into my dream school."  --Emily Asciola, Homeschool student