Lavane Anderson

When Lavane Anderson enrolled in our Education for Careers course this fall, he was on a mission to meet his peers in twelfth grade by Spring 2019. This was no small feat, and Lavane knew he would have to tackle this goal head-on.  And after putting in a tremendous amount of hard work, he's now ready to graduate high school in May 2019.

After graduating, Lavane plans to work for a year to save money for college. Once enrolled, he wants to study the technical side of video game development, and to pursue employment in the field. Lavane told us that the course he took helped him focus on his goals, and "taught me how not to job drift. It's not all about the money. Your mind gets tired if you are in a job you don't like."

Lavane also offered a piece of key advice for his fellow online learners: "Stay on pace with the work, or it will affect you later on."

Heather BoydComment