The Numbers Tell A Story

Everybody loves data, right?  We use data to make all kinds of decisions about where we will eat dinner, what appliance repair service we will use, what book we will read, and where we will spend our money.  Data allows us to make evidence-based decisions in business, education, and our personal lives.  But I think data is also part of one’s commitment to lifelong learning, being the best version of oneself one can be, and fostering a growth mindset.  Data tracks growth, and growth must be celebrated in order to foster continued growth.

The connection between data and living the best life you can live might not be immediately obvious.  If the scales don’t show much progress week to week despite cutting down on desserts and walking after supper every evening, how is that data helpful in encouraging my continued growth?  If I read at least one book a month but don’t follow that up with an IQ test, how do I measure the impact of regular reading?  Is lifelong learning, the growth of the self, measurable anyway? 

I offer the experience of the Village Virtual staff in proof of a resounding yes!  We are a somewhat remarkable staff in that all of us are committed to fitness.  We work out at the gym twice a week, regularly ride, or participate in group boxing.  We support one another in this commitment, and we celebrate ourselves just for regularly showing up to do it.  Weight may not be lost; inches may not be added; trophies may not be won.  But we made the commitment, we show up week after week, and, most importantly, we celebrate the fact that we do.  It really isn’t about the numbers the scale displays or even the calorie count that our FitBit is tracking.  It is much more than that. 

I cannot offer a set of data points that would support the conclusion that because Village Virtual staff exercise, our students successfully complete our courses 90% percent of the time, the company experienced more than 170% growth last year, or added 12 new partners this fall.  But I can affirm that tracking progress and celebrating the success of a committed staff in personal and professional ways yields results across the board.  To my staff I offer a resounding “At-A-Girl!” and thank-you for an amazing year at Village Virtual.  You inspire me and help me stay on track to my own personal and professional best.

Debi CrabtreeComment