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Student Stories

Student Stories


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Aaronisha Washington

A happy JSCLA graduate Aaronisha Washington earned her NRF Customer Service & Sales Credential as part of her Entrepreneurship course but all others at JS Clark prepared for their successful exam through their Marketing course.  Career Campus offers course customizations to make both the Customer Service and the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential components available to Louisiana students across multiple content areas.


Emily Asciola

"My daughter is LOVING Virtual Village. Truly, the best homeschooling experience she has had!" (Julie Edwards, mother of Emily Asciola)

“Village Virtual helped me get into my dream college,” says Emily Asciolla, a homeschool graduate who recently completed her senior year of study with Village Virtual. Emily said she tried other programs locally available, including co-ops and parent-led instruction, but found that it is critical to have access to teachers with experience in educating students. Says Emily, “It is particularly crucial to have a solid foundation in math and English in order to prepare for college. If you fall behind in math, especially, it is so hard to recover from that. With Village Virtual, your teacher is just a text away, and the teacher is focused on you, not on the whole class.” Having had three major surgeries in four years, Emily needed the anywhere, anytime access to courses and teachers possible with online learning, but she also believes that Village Virtual courses have well-prepared her for the rigors of college where she will have to be responsible for her own learning. Emily is attending Millsaps College in Jackson, MS, this fall where she will study Pre-Law with a major in Communications. She hopes to continue to law school where she will focus on Entertainment Law. “If it hadn’t been for Village Virtual, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get in,” says Emily. “I just can’t thank you guys enough.”


Abby Wilkerson

" I have LOVED online learning though Village Virtual. My freshman and sophomore year in public school was terrible. I was taking all honors classes but learning nothing. . . . I spent the majority of my time in public school bored out of my mind. By the time I reached the end of my sophomore year, I knew something had to give. I researched multiple online learning platforms and Village Virtual seemed to be perfect. My friend also supported Village Virtual because she took two classes through it and absolutely loved the set up! I knew it was perfect for me the moment I began my first class. I love how you get to do as many assignments a day as you want and how you can move as fast as you want. In all honesty, I was not expecting the work to be challenging at first; however, I was pleasantly surprised. . . .I have learned more this year than I ever did in public school. I cannot rave enough about how awesome my experience has been with Village Virtual."


Taylor Sabo

Ashely Sabo (above with daughter Taylor) said she was so pleased with Taylor's focus on her course and ownership of the experience. "This experience gave some structure to her day. She put herself on a schedule, contacted her teacher when she needed to, and even took the initiative to retake assignments for a better grade."

"I loved that the focus was on mastery of the content, not on mastery of the test questions," said Mrs. Sabo.


Cadin Fischer

Jeanie Rodgers (above with grandson Cadin) said that she believed Cadin's success in the course built his confidence as a learner and she loved the affirmation of learning that was so much more immediate in the online environment. Mrs. Rodgers also loved being able to see everything the student was doing in real time and to suggest when it was a good idea to do something over. "This is a very good program, and we were very pleased."


Andrea ?

"I wanted to just send you a quick note to tell you how much my niece LOVED your English 11 course. . . She told me more than once that she learned more in the class than any other English class she has ever taken…She loved the format, the presentations, and surprisingly, she was extremely motivated to retake quizzes and assignments until she had mastered them. That extra effort was reflected in her grade. Overall it was a great experience and she is looking forward to pre-calculus shortly."

- Pam, Guardian of High School student


Tracy Louque

"My name is Tracy Louque and I am a senior in the class of 2014. I made the decision to attend Village Virtual because I suffered with classroom anxiety. During the semester that I attended Village Virtual, the teachers were very supportive. They made my learning environment as most comfortable for me as possible and they really showed compassion. Since it is not mandatory to go to the lab, you can always do your school work from home. If you ever run into a problem, the teachers are always available to assist you one-on-one. Village Virtual helped me complete my courses that my disorder would have prevented in a normal classroom, and I finished high school a semester early. I am now in my freshman year of college with Nicholls Online. I highly recommend online learning because it is so beneficial. Like the teachers at Village Virtual, my professors at Nicholls are always willing to help as well. Whether it’s anxiety or some other reason that you cannot be in a normal classroom, it should not make you feel helpless. There is always a solution, and Village Virtual was a great one for me."

PeninaBerman 4-26-18 (1).png

Penina Berman

Belle Chasse Academy 8th grader Penina Berman thinks she is one step closer to defining her career goals as a result of her participation in the First Responder course this past spring.  Says Penina, “I feel like my horizons have been broadened. There was a career exploration component in my course in which we had to investigate careers that used the skills of a first responder.  I found a career called genetic counselor, and I am really interested in it. It is a person who assesses individuals from a genetic point of view to evaluate the outcomes of future offspring.”

Heading 2

Thank you for your office staff and teachers who truly reached out, modified, cheered and chided as needed to help our son move forward toward graduation.  He has such gifts to develop but needed support like yours. As his mother, I am deeply grateful. (Christina Glynn)

Thank you for your office staff and teachers who truly reached out, modified, cheered and chided as needed to help our son move forward toward graduation.  He has such gifts to develop but needed support like yours. As his mother, I am deeply grateful.
— Christina Glynn
My daughter is LOVING Virtual Village. Truly, the best homeschooling experience she has had!
— Julie Edwards