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Village Virtual

Online Learning . . .  Learning the Way We Live




Life in the 21st century is increasingly blending with our technologies. The computing power we carry in our pockets helps us stay organized, learn, share and live better lives. Technology is, in fact, transforming the way we learn, the way we communicate, and the way we do business. Schools that graduate learners from the K-12 environment who are able to utilize the web to collaborate, connect, and solve problems positively impact the students’ potential for success in college and in their chosen career paths. This impacts a local region’s ability to provide an educated, tech-savvy workforce and, in turn, impacts America’s future. Learning with technology is Learning the Way We Live™ and Village Virtual can empower schools and districts to easily enter and to succeed in this space.

Companies, too, can harness the power of online learning to create cost-efficient training that particularly appeals to milennials but makes training for everyone more cost effective and flexible.

Village Virtual’s online learning model mirrors the shift in education from teacher-centered to student-centered learning with unprecedented ability to completely personalize the learning experience and cater to the needs of individual students.

Village Virtual provides:

  • Access to nearly 240 individual courses (Courses)
  • Options to customize learning paths for individual students or groups of students
  • Credit recovery courses
  • Certified, highly qualified teachers
  • Student support specialists
  • Completely integrated student information system for easy and accurate tracking of student performance and progress reporting
  • Free onsite and lab facilitator training
  • Development of custom enterprise training and tools for workforce development


Explore and see what Village Virtual can do for you . . .


Online learning affords greater access, flexibility, and personalization than any mode of education
in history. Explore many of these options here at our site, but don't hesitate to contact us
to talk about your vision and the specific needs of your learners. We can help!


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