Public Schools

Does your school need an effective and engaging online learning program to provide access to supplemental or full-time online learning?

Have you launched an online learning program only to find that your students are not achieving at the high levels you had hoped?

Did your courseware provider promise interactivity and engagement but deliver too much text, too long videos, and little to no opportunity to augment and customize the content for individual students or groups of students?

Are your staff struggling with how to gather data around student performance easily and efficiently in order to differentiate and fully support each learner?

In all these situations, Village Virtual can help!

Village Virtual students have one-click access to easily navigable online courses that capture student interest from the first click. Orientation videos and other supports are provided within each course and a Student Support Specialist is available during business hours every day to help.

Our courses are fully integrated to our student information system. This means that:

  • Building-level facilitators (such as guidance counselors) have easy access to view a specific learner’s experience in each course
  • Weekly progress reports are emailed automatically to students, parents, and the school facilitator
  • Communication, including progress and grade reports, are captured in the communication log for complete documentation of the student’s experience in the course, including interactions with Village Virtual staff and teachers, review of Individual Education Plans, course modifications, and more
  • Newsletters, helpful strategies, pacing reminders and more can be easily communicated via the bulk email feature

Our work with district clients shows that student success rates are impacted by ten percent or more when the Village Virtual model of student support is implemented. This model includes a certified, highly qualified teacher for content support, Student Support Specialist for technical and day-to-day support, and building-level facilitators who are in the loop but not going it alone.


Village Virtual . . . making a difference, touching lives.

"I wanted to just send you a quick note to tell you how much my niece LOVED your English 11 course. Her teacher was terrific too! She told me more than once that she learned more in the class than any other English class she has ever taken…She loved the format, the presentations, and surprisingly, she was extremely motivated to retake quizzes and assignments until she had mastered them. That extra effort was reflected in her grade. Overall it was a great experience and she is looking forward to pre-calculus shortly."

- Pam, Guardian of High School       student