Private Schools

Private schools strive to offer a unique culture as well as academic rigor to the student populations they serve.  The one-size-fits-all-nature of many online learning providers do not mesh well with the goals of private school administrators, but the challenge remains to offer a robust array of courses as well as provide:

  • Affordable summer school options
  • Credit recovery options

  • A way for transfer students to add credits should they enter off-track for graduation with their cohort

  • Expanded AP, foreign language and career readiness courses

Village Virtual can help!

The Village Virtual student support model guarantees that private school students and the schools who serve them are fully supported whether the online class is taken along with face-to-face courses or accessed in the summer as supplemental or credit-recovery learning.

  • Building-level facilitators (such as guidance counselors) have easy access to view a specific learner’s experience in each course
  • Weekly progress reports are emailed automatically to students, parents, and the school facilitator
  • Communication, including progress and grade reports, are captured in the communication log for complete documentation of the student’s experience in the course, including interactions with Village Virtual staff and teachers, review of Individual Education Plans, course modifications, and more
  • Newsletters, helpful strategies, pacing reminders and more can be easily communicated via the bulk email feature


Village Virtual . . . Helping
Students Reach Their Goals.

"I'm the computer teacher for my school and online students work in my lab each day. They have really enjoyed their foreign language online courses, and I've really enjoyed them as well. Last year, I had a student take Latin under a different program, and we had quite a time of it. This year with Village Virtual has been a breeze!

- Brittany, High School Counselor     in Louisiana


Students may register and pay for courses at our website. Parents may also call to register and/or pay by phone. For more information: