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Young people in the South, more than in any other part of the country, face a future fraught with economic uncertainty and lack of upward mobility.  Increasingly there is a lack of confidence in the American Dream.  Only 20% of 9th graders in southern states actually go on to complete a college degree, and the resultant income disparity and blight of opportunity is enormous.

Louisiana's innovative Jump Start program seeks to directly address these challenges by providing access to career education and job-ready credentials for students who are not necessarily interested in pursuing a four-year degree.  Career Campus powered by Village Virtual helps schools successfully navigate the Jump Start landscape by providing cost-effective online opportunities and options for students interested in pursuing Jump Start diplomas.  Don't see a course your district needs?  Let us know.  We are here to be your one-stop shop for expanding educational opportunities for all your students.

Features of the Program

  • Weekly progress reports to students, parents & schools
  • Free training for school-based facilitators in student support
  • Technical support
  • Content support from certified online instructor
  • Credit recovery courses that include options for testing out of content for which mastery can be demonstrated
  • Nearly 300 separate courses, including foreign languages and Jump-Start specific course alternatives, such as Business Communications, Technical Writing, Universal Jump Start Courses, and robust support for 10 specific pathways
  • Live conversations with industry experts for many CTE courses and Jump Start pathways
  • Courses to prepare students for industry-based credentialing exams

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    Career Campus

    Career Campus powered by Village Virtual is a state-approved Supplemental Course Academy/Course Choice provider for Jump Start, Louisiana's innovative program for school districts, colleges, and businesses to collaborate in providing career courses and workplace experiences to students.