Full-time Online Learning:
Move When Ready!

Do you have students who . . .

  • Prefer homeschooling
  • Are chronically absent
  • Have medical or emotional difficulties
  • Are overage for grade 
  • Have IEPs that demand customized courses & greater flexibility
  • Need scheduling flexibility
  • Desire to graduate early

The proven and effective Village Virtual model allows students to remain attached to district schools for the benefit of funding, sports and other extracurricular activities but with the flexibility and support of any time, any where learning.


Village Virtual works alongside schools who require lab attendance as well as those who allow students complete flexibility so long as they are meeting attendance requirements and successfully completing their courses.

We can help you create program policies and procedures to ensure that your students are held to high expectations and accountability.

Virtual School is a must-have strategy if every student is to truly have the opportunity to succeed. 


Village Virtual . . . making a difference, touching lives.

"As a client, I can attest to the company's dedication to provide remarkable service...Excellent communication abilities...Good record keeping...Highly professional and qualified staff..."

- Tiffanie Lewis, Founder, CEO & Head of Schools, JS Clark Leadership Academy
& JSCLA Online

"Debi Crabtree is a 'one of a kind' educator who truly individualizes and customizes instruction through her Village Virtual courses that meet the needs of students."

- Sam Brooks, Personal Learning Supervisor, Putnam County Schools