How do we Graduate College- and Career-Ready Students?


This question is at the heart of every school's most critical agenda.  The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed into law by President Obama in December 2015, sets ambitious goals for students and the schools that serve them, and this is as it should be.  (Click here for information about the landmark federal law.)  

Online learning is uniquely positioned to help schools meet the goals of their state's ESSA plan and genuinely provide opportunities for every student to graduate ready for their next steps into college or career.


Online content specifically created for English language learners gives students anytime, anywhere access to content that improves their speaking and writing abilities without burdening the classroom teacher with more responsibilities and more tasks to fit into already crowded, busy days.


Any Village Virtual course can be customized to adhere to the specifications of an IEP or other learning plan that provides an appropriate learning environment for students with unique needs.


Providing full-time online learning options is key to reaching many students who do not regularly attend school for a wide variety of reasons.  We have often seen students catch fire when bell schedules and other constraints of traditional schooling no longer dictate a student's access to content and teachers.


Village Virtual provides access to 17 different AP courses, as well as courses that prepare students for CLEP exams, and courses that prepare students for industry-based credentialing exams.  




Village Virtual . . . making a difference, touching lives.

"Many Notre Dame students, like Gina Case (pictured below in our school's production of Cinderella) utilize Village Virtual AP courses to maximize their preparation for post-secondary studies. Gina plans to pursue a career in pharmacology or engineering research."

- Anastasia Desmond,
School Counselor,
Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, OH