Charter Schools

Charter schools serve more than two million students nationwide and offer families an important alternative to traditional public school.  

Cybercharters, in particular, have an eye to better preparing students for a technical world and can exercise great flexibility in delivery and support of online content.

Village Virtual is the perfect partner for these innovative educational environments. As a Village Virtual partner, charter schools have immediate access to a full catalog of K-12 online content that is fully integrated to our student information system. This means that:

  • Building-level facilitators (such as guidance counselors) have easy access to view a specific learner’s experience in each course
  • Weekly progress reports are emailed automatically to students, parents, and the school facilitator
  • Communication, including progress and grade reports, are captured in the communication log for complete documentation of the student’s experience in the course, including interactions with Village Virtual staff and teachers, review of Individual Education Plans, course modifications, and more
  • Newsletters, helpful strategies, pacing reminders and more can be easily communicated via the bulk email feature

Charter schools can choose to utilize the Village Virtual certified, highly qualified online instructors available for every course, utilize their own local teaching staff, or a combination of both. In either case, training is provided to teachers and onsite or lab facilitators to make certain that the student is fully supported from enrollment to successful completion.

With access to a K-12 catalog of more than 235 courses, certified online instructors, and student support specialists, charter schools have the opportunity to focus their energy and resources on growth and outreach with Village Virtual as a partner.


Online Learning . . .
Inspiring & Motivating Students

"I have LOVED online learning through Village Virtual. I knew it was perfect for me the moment I began my first class. I love how you get to do as many assignments a day as you want and how you can move as fast as you want." 

- Abby, Full-time virtual learner