Engage, Inspire, Personalize

Connecting students to their passions and instilling in them a sense of direction and purpose is a fundamental tenet of graduating students college and career ready.

Career Technical Education (CTE) plays an important role in this journey, connecting students to courses and industry experts in a way that is safe, personal, and accessible, thanks to technology, no matter where you live or where you go to school.  CTE courses further prepare students for online training utilized by most employers for onboarding and advancement.

Village Virtual's Career Campus program makes it possible for students to explore career options, learn soft skills useful to every employment scenario, prepare for industry certification exams, and graduate from high school ready for entry level positions or post-secondary instruction in many fields.

Our courses include

  • Career Exploration (Journey to Careers)
  • Business Communications
  • Technical Writing
  • Business & Consumer Math
  • Business Law
  • Legal Studies
  • Education for Careers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Word Processing
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Nursing I & II
  • Cosmetology
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing
  • Forensic Science I & II
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Nutrition & Food
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Restaurant Management

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Did you know . . . 

Nearly 42% of global Fortune 500 companies now use some form of educational technology to instruct employees, and this is predicted to increase in future years.

A study by IBM reports that companies who utilize e-learning boost productivity by 50%. For every $1 the company spends on e-learning, they can receive up to $30 of productivity.