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Supplemental Online Learning:

Start When Ready!

Village Virtual offers the greatest flexibility of any online learning company in the world, allowing students to enter a course when it best fits their schedules and requiring NO minimum enrollment and NO minimum course requests from any single student or school. Our number one goal is to increase opportunity by offering the widest possible access to online learning options.

With Village Virtual, you can offer your students the opportunity to 

  • Explore any of five foreign languages
  • Explore a career
  • Take a credit recovery course
  • Add flexibility to their face-to-face schedules
  • Take an exciting elective
  • Prepare for an industry-based credentialing exam

Our policy of rolling enrollment means that a student can enter a course at any time and pace their courses in whatever way best serves their lives and their schedules.  


In response to our flexible enrollment model, Village Virtual teachers and staff respond to text messaging, allowing students to comfortably reach out for help at any time rather than restricting teacher access to set office hours. Student Support Specialists are available all day, every day during business hours should student, parent, or school need technical assistance.


Village Virtual . . . making a difference, touching lives.

"I wanted to just send you a quick note to tell you how much my niece LOVED your English 11 course. Her teacher was terrific too! She told me more than once that she learned more in the class than any other English class she has ever taken…She loved the format, the presentations, and surprisingly, she was extremely motivated to retake quizzes and assignments until she had mastered them. That extra effort was reflected in her grade. Overall it was a great experience and she is looking forward to pre-calculus shortly."

- Pam, Guardian of High School       student