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Info for Families

Information for Families

Many of our students are taking online courses for the first time when they come to Village Virtual for assistance. We make sure everyone is comfortable and that all questions are answered even before an enrollment is requested by providing personal access to one of our Student Support Specialists. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is your school accredited?

Because Village Virtual is working in partnership with credit-granting entities, this is not a concern for any of our parents. We contact the students’ schools or homeschool organizations as needed to make certain that the credit-granting entity approves the student for the courses and by that approval acknowledges that the credit earned will be added to the student’s transcript and applied to graduation requirements. 

Parents have the confidence of enrolling their students in a program that has been approved for them by the organization granting their student a diploma.  We align our courses to Common Core State Standards or other standard sets as appropriate for the organization with which we are partnering. Parents can have confidence that their students are entering a fully approved program that is rigorous, engaging and delivering what is needed to prepare their students for mandatory state testing, if applicable, and for the next level of study.

How long will the student have in the course?

During the fall and spring semesters, Village Virtual provides great flexibility in the time frames students may choose to complete an online course. Most of our students elect to take half-credit or full-credit recovery courses in a block format (nine weeks). However, students may elect to complete these courses in a traditional format (18 weeks), particularly if they are working at a school lab that is based on a traditional calendar. Students who are not able to complete the course work in the time frame established at course registration may purchase a two-week extension in the course.

Summer sessions

Village Virtual offers three summer school sessions that start at the beginning of June and run through the end of July. Students may choose to enroll in any of the three six-week summer sessions or they may enroll in new learning full-credit courses for the entire eight weeks of the summer session.  Click this link for more Summer School information.

Additional Information

What can students and parents expect from the Village Virtual experience?


  • Course confirmation and login credentials sent immediately to students, parents, and schools
  • Welcome to class phone call from teachers
  • Weekly progress reports sent to students, parents and schools
  • Helpful tips and reminders sent throughout the course
  • Timely final grade reporting to students, parents, and schools

Personal Support

  • Student orientation video and other helpful resources embedded in every course
  • Student Support Specialists available via phone or email for technical assistance
  • One-to-one teacher feedback and communication for content assistance with multiple access points for teachers including texting, emailing, phone, and virtual meetings

Course Flexibility and Engagement

  • Easy navigation to courses and within courses
  • Activities and lessons quizzes that can be revisited as many times as needed for mastery
  • Engaging and interactive multi-media content that attracts and holds learner attention


Village Virtual . . .
Praised by Parents

“Not only is virtual school convenient in the safety of your home, it is affordable, fun, and a very entertaining way for your child to learn. It also is very easy to follow the lessons, and you receive regular updates of your progress.”

Jessica, Home School Parent

“Thank you so much for your attentiveness and support in this endeavor. I appreciate the process and the Village Virtual protocol very much. It's a class act!  We are grateful!”

Amy, High School Parent

“Learning online kept my son from falling behind when he had to have surgery. He entered the fall school year right on track with all the other students.”
Jessica, Elementary Parent 


Students may register and pay for courses at our website. Parents may also call to register and/or pay by phone. For more information: